A Historic Day

Director Cliff Hall
Director Cliff Hall

A nostalgic past in which today 19th February 2021, we acknowledge the birthday of Charles Hall who would have celebrated his 100th birthday today.

Charles Hall was the father of Hallbury’s Founder and Director Cliff Hall. Who sadly passed away in 1994. We would like to take this opportunity to recognise the past.

Experienced Builder

Hallbury Homes is a part of a fourth-generation builder heritage founded in the 19th century, which began as carpentry and form work contractors in northern England. Later becoming builders in their own right.

He served as a Sargent in the British Army, Royal Engineers 48th Battalion, 281 Company and saw action in North Africa and Italy during World War 2. After returning home from service, he married and had three sons. He encouraged his sons to seek higher education in construction post apprenticeship and instilled a strong constitution and work ethic. Which continues on today within Hallbury Homes where we aim to maintain a long standing tradition of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    Every home that you build, should be finished as if it were your own” – Cliff Hall

Builder Legacy

The legacy of the Hall family continues to this day, with Cliff’s son and nephew joining the family trade of carpentry. I guess you could say it’s in their DNA.

A true fact; Cliff’s grandfather, father and brother all worked together and were all named Charles. Which made for some interesting communication whilst working on-site.

Charles retired at 65 in 1987 as a clerk of works (civil engineering) for his local council.

Cliff and Hallbury are also celebrating a momentous year in 2021, being our 30th year as a registered builder in Australia. Only a select few builders in Australia have obtained this tremendous achievement and all the staff at Hallbury are proud to be a part of an honourable and humble legacy.

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