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Sloping Block Builder
Sloping Block Builder

Building on a sloping block can be challenging. The key to building on a sloping block is having a builder who understands the complexities and has years of experience building on sloping blocks.

Hallbury offer a range of solutions for sloping blocks and have been building for more than 30 years across Melbourne.

The first item on your list needs to be establishing a brief. A list of your requirements you want to see in the homes design. Then the designer can easily understand your needs and design the home around the brief. Be sure to set your self a budget as building on a sloping block is more expensive when compared to building on a flat block of land.

What To Consider When Building On A Sloping Block

The amount of fall and the soil conditions on your land will define what choices are available to you. Design, liveability, buildability and overall form and footprint of the building need to be well planned and designed by your sloping block builder.

Each block is unique, and should be assessed individually by a professional new home designer with your design brief in mind. Each block offers unique design opportunities for various floor plans with levels and site access.

The individual land will offer opportunities to design using various methods which may include: adding a few steps to a stepped slab design, a split level, or basement style space. In most cases a custom design or modified standard floor plan is the most effective way to building on a sloping block.

Sloping Block Floor Plan

Sloping Block Building Costs

Your building designer will consider the practical options for efficiently designing your floor plan. Having a builder that offers flexibility is a priority to creating your design. Upfront costings for the design can be estimated, however the site costs for retaining walls, earth removal and other related costs will need investigation and are typically included as a provisional sum. A premium volume builder with experience in sloping blocks will have the knowledge to properly allow for a majority of the expected costs associated with the house designs and cater for the slope of the land.

Stepped Slabs Designs Melbourne

How To Prepare For A Sloping Block Project

The first step on your journey is to obtain some accurate site levels, foundation investigation and a survey. This will measure the exact site fall and site conditions. This will clarify what design options are available on your land. Your new home designer will advise you on which house plans for sloping blocks are appropriate on your behalf and will be able to discuss with you how best to achieve your dream family home. An initial design outcome will enable preliminary costings that will add some degree of certainty to your budget considerations. 

Side sloping blocks often involve additional costs due to the complexity of the sub structure. Homes built on these types of blocks require a degree of co-ordination with engineers to correctly design the sub structure and ensure your home design caters for the irregular shape and contours of the land.

House Plans For Sloping Blocks

Hallbury offer a number of home designs that cater for sloping blocks. Our pre-designed floor plan range can cater for sloping blocks that are typically under 3m of slope. For blocks that require a split level home design, Hallbury have two main design templates to customise to suit your land and lifestyle.


375sqm  //  41sq

For blocks that slope upward.

Sloping Block Design109
Sloping Block Split Level Home Design


384sqm  //  41sq

For blocks that slope downward.

Sloping Block Design112
Spit Level Floor Plan

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