Knock Down and Rebuild Cost

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Love where you live but need to update your residence? Knocking down and rebuilding is a great option to reinvigorate your property. In most cases, a brand new home can be more cost effective compared to a major renovation. For more that 30 years Hallbury have been helping clients achieve their new home dreams by helping them step by step through the knockdown and rebuild process.

What does it cost to knock down and rebuild?

Depending on your unique requirements, the cost to knock down your old home and rebuild a new one can vary greatly. It’s always best to contact us to discuss your unique requirements to see if we can help you.

Here are three steps that we go through to knock down and rebuild your new home:

Knock down and rebuild design

Finding a builder that can design to your budget and wish list is the most important step. A more experienced builder who can customise a floor plan to suit your requirements is the way to go. Volume builders tend to be restrictive when it comes to modifying their floor plans, which can limit your opportunity to capitalise on the design aspects of your home, removing the individual connection you have come to love with your existing home.

Hallbury Homes offers pre-designed floor plans that can be modified to suit your land, budget and family. You can consult with our design specialists to get the best advice about design and costs.


The cost of demolition depends on the size of your existing home, how much vegetation needs to be removed and if there are any dangerous materials to be removed, like Asbestos.

A quote can easily be obtained to give you an accurate indication of what costs are involved.


Before you commence construction a full contract with costs will be presented to you. Once construction is underway, changes to the design or modification to the agreed specifications can be costly and can delay the construction time frame, so ensure that all design decisions and specifications are finalised before you sign your contract. The complexity of the home will ultimately determine the time frame of your build.

A double storey home typically takes up to 1 year to complete, where a complicated single storey typically takes around 10 months to complete.

Book your one-on-one knock down and rebuild consultation with one of our design specialists.