Packing for a new build

Packing for a build
Packing for a build

Secure storage is a useful resource to have at your disposal while you’re building a new home. It gives you the freedom of having somewhere safe to store your valuables and provides the convenience of having all of your things in one central space for when you want to set up your new home.

However, to make the most out of your investment you need to plan carefully to ensure your treasures are packed on time, and your storage dates cover you until your move in date. Understanding Build Times Build times are dependent on several variables, but the deciding factor is the complexity of the build. For example, a simple single story can be completed in as little as 16 weeks, while a large double story or investment property can take upwards of a year. To get an accurate move in date to plan around, it’s vital that you open an effective line of communication with your site manager. That way, you’ll be aware of any changes, or possible delays in the build so that you can alter your storage dates or book in for long-term storage.

With frequent communication, your site manager will be able to set up a ‘move in day’, so you can get the keys in the morning and have the moving trucks arrive in the afternoon. If you plan carefully, you’ll be able to enjoy a speedy house set-up, like this one in Tulliallan Estate, Cranbourne North and start enjoying your Hallbury masterpiece right away. Using Storage to Your Advantage Storage can be used for much more than just furniture and clothes if you go with a reputable company they’ll also be able to store your car and other vehicles, as well as other specialised items. You can also store materials for your home. So, if you’d prefer to install your electronic goods, tiles, landscaping, carpets or appliances, you can use your storage space to keep them safe and secure until your home is ready. That means you can pick up all these items at the best possible price, instead of having to wait until lock-up. Finding the Right Company In addition to communicating with your site manager, you also must engage with a storage provider that offers you a degree of flexibility with your storage dates.

When sourcing quotes, you should ask about their policy surrounding storage dates. If they have a concrete policy where your goods must be out on the finishing date, look elsewhere, Professional companies will understand that things change and you may need to extend your dates, or even pull your belongings out earlier. You also need to ensure that they offer all the services you need, at the right price. Services such as a pack, pick-up and drop-off will come in handy when the whips are cracking with the build. You may not have time to get to your space and pick up the tiles for when the tiler arrives, so it will come in handy if you’ve gone for a company that offers a redelivery service. This entry was written by Kent Relocation Group. For all your storage needs please contact Kent Storage Melbourne